This application reads the surveying data from a logger and translates them to a readable and retrievable format. Data will then be displayed in the dialog that offers user a chance to correct any error.

The program will perform all mathematical and graphical calculations to determine the coordinates of all surveying objects, such as station points, wall points, back points, front points, Diamond Drill Holes, Bore Holes, Electric Holes, etc. Should there be any invalid data, a dialog with error message will pop up to advise the user to make the appropriate changes.

After verifying the surveying data, the user has the option to directly transform the surveying data into a graphical display (into the CAD drawing), to display the surveying results in a dialog, or to print the results as a report.

To direct import data into an existing drawing, the database needs to set up properly to enable the program to automatically bring in the layers and to insert survey objects to their specified layers.

The survey module in AMINE is programmed to recognize and link different set of points, such as back, floor and tope points together. Back line will be joined with back points, floor line will be joined with floor points and tope line with tope points.

With the back line, floor line and tope line ready, the survey module will be able to produce a 3D solid model of the drift being surveyed.

After import, the user can retrieve important survey information from the surveying objects inserted. As shown in the dialog, a station survey is imported and a station object is inserted into the drawing with XData attached. The user needs to click on the Survey Point XData button on the Survey Tool Bar and to select the station object.