• A one of a kind centralized data entry and reporting system designed for the mining industry needs.

  • SIMS allows you to centralize all mine production information into one easy to use interface and an Oracle or SQL Server database.

  • All departments of an operation can use this tool with ease to collect information and produce accurate real time reports.


    •   »  Centralize all your mine production data into one easy to use interface and database.
    •   »  Increased team efficiency with seamless data sharing between departments.
    •   »  Eliminate the need of paper logs so anyone can access the required information form any workstation.


    Shifter's log

    Replace paper logs and spreadsheets with a centrally located, electronic shifter’s log that keeps track of all mining activities.

    Crew line-up

    Assign work tasks to all crew members quickly and efficiently.

    Production Data

    Collect all production data for your mining activities, and keep track of consumables.


    Capture time entry information in order to feed your payroll system and for bonus calculation purposes. You can also export all your data to a payroll system such as SAP or JD Edwards.

    Reporting and performance graphs

    Customize your own reports for easy access to information and display production data into easy to use graphs.