SDM is a module that runs inside the Amine application that will track and report on stope dilution. This is accomplished by comparing the cavity created during Stope extraction with the planned Stope that is designed by the drill/blast group and the optimized Stope shape that is designed by the planning engineer. The process involves the conversion of all the various components into a valid AutoCAD solids so that they may then be capable of being used in Boolean operations.

Cavity Survey

The first step using SDM is to process your cavity survey, any surveyed mesh saved in .DXF or .DWG format will be valid for this step. Usually these surveys are performed using a CMS instrument or a total station with the proper software such as GSS.

A simple interface allows the user to step through each slice of the 3D mesh to help create the solid. You will be able to edit each line easily with minimal training

Creating a report

Once the surveyed mesh has been converted into a 3D solid you can use the planned stope shape (solid) and perform various operations so you can create a complete report on produced tonnes, underbreak, overbreak, etc...