MIN students exceed expectations at 24th Canadian Mining Games
Each year the Canadian Mining Games are held at participating Mining Engineering universities across Canada. The games involve academic challenges and hands-on competition between individual students or teams from each school. This year 10 universities from across Canada, with 16 delegates each, competed in over 25 games. One of the most important games in the competition is called "Mine Design". Four team members are assigned to design a mine and compile a full technical report in eight hours.

I had an experience working with Amine while I was doing an engineering coop position with Lake Shore Gold Corporation in Timmins West mine. Naturally, I wanted our team to use Amine in the competition as it provides many helpful functions and it is very user friendly. Our team was privileged to partner up with Flairbase and receives free licenses and training.

On the day of competition, the groups were supplied with an Excel file of values required to build the geological block model and some basic information necessary to calculate the costs of development. We used Amine to create a final design block model and calculate the contained tonnage and grade of the deposit. We converted the block model into a DXF ore body and then used Amine to create a conceptual design of a mine. We designed a shaft, return air raise, ore & waste passes, and internal ramp and production levels.

It was an exhausting competition but we were able to deliver the best mine design. We are extremely grateful to Flairbase and especially to Shawn Romkey for his support and training. We hope to continue the partnership with Flairbase and use Amine in the future competitions.

Oleg Shteyner

Fourth Year Mineral Engineering Undergraduate Student,
Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering
University of Toronto

Amine is now available in Russian
Amine is now available in four languages: English, French, Spanish and our newest addition Russian.  As we continue to grow, look for more languages to be added.

Pan American Silver Bolivia S.A. acquires Amine software
We are pleased to announce that Pan American Silver Bolivia S.A. has recently acquired the Amine software at it's San Vicente operation. They join the growing number of Amine users around the world.

New Flairbase regional office in Mexico
Flairbase has recently come to an agreement with a representative in Mexico and has now officially opened a new regional sales and support office in Mexico, this is a great addition to the company and to the growing number of spanish users of our products.

Lake Shore Gold Corp. adds another Amine site: August 2009
Lake Shore Gold is expanding and Amine is growing along with it. Amine is currently used at the Timmins West site and now the Bell Creek Mine is in pre-production. Lakeshore asked that we setup another server for this operation so they will have it customized for this particular operation.

Now use AutoCAD scripting tools with Amine: August 2009
Many of the Amine commands can be used from the command line in AutoCAD. This allows users to use the scripting engine in new ways to open, update and even cut sections automatically with a script. The script will allow batch processing of sections, updates of shared files, posting of DWF files online automatically from an automated script, and much more. Automate all the tedious tasks that are necessary to keep an operation running efficiently.

Amine French and Spanish versions are now available: August 2009
Amine is now available in French and will be available in Spanish as of September 1st. As Amine continues to grow more clients are requesting this revolutionary program in their native language. Amine has been redesigned to allow easy translation of our core applications to multiple languages and the first has been completed. Stay tuned for more languages as we continue to expand around the world.

XStrata Nickel completes SIMS/SAP integration at Sudbury operations: July 2009
The Flairbase SIMS mine management system has been successfully integrated with SAP at all Xstrata Nickel Sudbury operations. SIMS therefore becomes the central point of entry for all mine production and HR data, removing the need for several different data entry systems.

New Amine site, St. Andrew Goldfields Ltd.: July 2009
The St. Andrews Goldfield has become Flairbase’s newest client with the purchase of a full Amine site license for their Holloway Mine located in Northern Ontario.

AutoCAD 2010 compatible: May 2009
With the release of a new version of AutoCAD, Amine has rolled out a new version to stay compatible with the latest software from AutoDESK. Not only is it compatible with vanilla AutoCAD but also all the vertical products that are released, products like AutoCAD Map 3d and AutoCAD Civil 3D.

New MineSafe site, Lake Shore Gold Corp.: May 2009
Lake Shore Gold in Timmins, Ontario has adopted the Flairbase MineSafe system to track all their safety incidents and accidents, meetings, statistics and compliance.

XXVIII Convencion Internacional de Mineria October 28th to the 30th
Come see us in the Quebec Pavilion at the XXVIII Convencion Internacional de Mineria in Veracruz From October 28th to the 30th. We will be unveiling our new Spanish version of Amine as well as our new scheduling program.

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