This application is used to construct a mine grid and title block in any view or coordinate systems, make scaled drawing and plotting multiple views effortlessly. Minegrid allows a user to create a grid, at the same time, to design a paper layout for plotting. To facilitate plotting, scale and printer are chosen by the user before placing the grid. When placing a grid, the user can move and/or rotate the grid to any position or orientation, or the user can set and rotate the view accordingly before placing the grid. Minegrid also allows the user to display multiple grid systems, the World Coordinate System and custom defined coordinate systems, all at the same time. Within one paper layout, the user can define multiple viewports, hence multiple grids, each with a different view or scale. Other utility tools offered in Minegrid are: Align Viewport, Sync Viewport, Divide Viewport, Modify Title Block, etc...

Align Viewport: Align objects, lines or points in viewports of different scale or view.

Before align viewport
After align viewport

Sync Viewport: Provide a continuous drawing to be displayed on both viewports.

Before sync viewport
After sync viewport


Create a grid with a new layout


7. The drawing is ready for plotting. If multiple viewports layout is chosen,the user can fix the other viewport(s) and add the grid(s)