The Drilling and Blasting tools in AMINE is used to design stope drilling and blasting, including explosives loading and blast timing. This application assists blasting engineer(s) to create drill setups and layout blastholes. It allows the user to place a charge or deck on selected holes. One of the major purposes of this program is to eliminate much of the “clerical” work that is required to generate drilling and blasting letters.


To assist the user to create drill setups, a drill image is visible in plan and sectional views. The user only needs to move the image along a specified drill line to create drill setups. The program also allows the user to enter offset distance for creating setups.

For drilling layout, this module offers 4 different methods: fan, multiple, parallel and single. During this process, the user is allowed to change toe spacing of the holes to experiment different layouts in order to attain a satisfied design.

The program provides a set of utility tools for the user to modify or adjust the blasthole layout after it has been drawn. User can move a hole in 2D or rotate a hole in 3D.


After finalizing the blasthole layout, the next step is to to name the setups and the holes. The program offers functions to name all the setups and holes automatically in a systematic way. However, the user is also given a choice to name a setup or hole individually according to his/her own preference.

The next step is to annotate each hole with its length and azimuth. The user has the option to annotate all the holes at one time or name them individually.

To complete a ring annotation, the program provides utility tools to create the “Look Arrow” and the elevation line.



With the drilling design ready, the user can charge the holes. He/She can specify the length for collar, charge and plug in the dialog or to go to the screen and interactively set the powder length along the hole in the drawing area. The charge will then be displayed along the holes. Holes can charged individually or all at the same time.

After the holes are loaded with explosive, the user can then label them with the appropriate detonator number. Again, the user can choose one hole at a time for labeling or to label all holes with explosive at the same time with a particular detonator.


Drilling and Blasting Letters
To facilitate plotting, the program allows the user to set his/her own printer, paper size, paper orientation and plot scale. Once the plot setting is completed, the user then can proceed to extract the drill and blast letter.