GSS is an AutoCAD based, fully automated survey software you can use directly from a portable computer to control your surveying instrument. This survey system is compatible with any design system using either .DWG or .DXF file types, the only software required is AutoCAD!

This software works with either a serial connection (cable) or using a Bluetooth connection to the survey instrument. You might require a Bluetooth booster for some advanced functionalities such as CMS. With this system you will be able to perform, with increased speed, your traditional survey jobs and even more.

Training requirements for GSS are minimal. We were able to keep this system as simple as possible, to perform a simple face mark-up, you just require a few clicks and the software will take care of the rest. After a few minutes, almost anybody can use this system with ease and confidence. You only require a total station to perform all your regular work and with the ease of use of this system, reduce drastically your costs. This is the new generation of one man surveying.

Any drawing loaded on the PC with real coordinates can be used as a reference.

See your walls being drawn as you do your survey. Fully automated 3D wall mesh generation and connection to previous surveys.

Visually select your reference points by the simple click of a button. See where your instrument is looking real-time.


  » With the simple click of a button; mark-up your face, grade line and survey at the same time and see it live on screen.
  » Perform a cavity survey with the same instrument you would use for your regular surveys, less hardware.
  » Markup production holes, fences, DDH simply by selecting an object on a drawing.

All recorded data is securely stored in a database.

Save time processing all your information by doing it directly at the workplace.

Ease of use, requires little or no training to use the system. It can be as automated as the user requires

SUPPORTED INTERFACE: AutoCAD 2007 through 2010
For other Autodesk platforms, please contact us