Use of True Type Fonts in AutoCAD (Amine)

One of the problems you might encounter in AutoCAD (Amine) while using clipping is that sometime unwanted text will show in your different views.

In fact, it's not an Amine problem but an AutoCAD issue. For an unknown reason, AutoCAD can't clip True Type fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman. We do recommand our users to avoid using True Type fonts in your drawings in model space, but you can still use them in paper space.

How to identify a True Type font? In fact, it's very simple, Open your tect style manager, you will see under font just beside the font name either a TT or a small compass. TT being True Type and the compass for an AutoCAD font.It is suggested to create a specific text style for both model and paper space.

One thing you have to be careful though, in versions 2009 and up of AutoCAD the default text style is Arial which is a True Type text font. It is recommended that you change the standard text style font in your acad.dwt and acadiso.dwt template files to txt.shx or bold.shx.