How to plot a 3D polyline with a linetype

One comment we often hear from our clients is "we can't plot a 3D polyline with a linetype."

This affirmation is true in a way, you can assign a linetype to a 3D polyline but it won't show it either in model space or paper space. If you try to plot a drawing like this you'll only get a straight line.

But there's an easy way around this, assigning a specific colour to the object and then creating a new plot style table (pen assignments).

First thing you have to do is set a specific colour for each layer in your Amine database. As an example, for a centre line you would typically use a "CENTER" linetype and use cyan colour. Instead of going for colour 4 (cyan) set it to colour 130 (cyanish), this colour will then ONLY be used for the Centre Line Amine layer.

To create a new plot style table the easiest way is to open the plot command in AutoCAD, you should then see the Plot window (see below). Click on the arrow at the bottom right corner, unless you see the exact same window as the second picture. Then choose a default pen assignment and click on the little pen to the right. You will then see the plot style table editor window (3rd image).

AutoCAD plot window :

AutoCAD plot window (extended) :

In the plot style table editor, go to colour 130 and set it's linetype to "CENTRE" or "LONG DASH SHORT DASH" then save and close. As long as you will use this Plot style table when printing, all lines with colour 130 will plot with a "CENTRE" linetype even though it's a 3D polyline.

Plot Style Table Editor :

If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate and contact us